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I started using Unrefined Naturals when my daughter came home with her hair completely matted. I could not comb it out and I thought I was going to have to cut it. Someone suggested I use the Unrefined Naturals Growth Serum and not only did it detangle her hair, but it also made it extremely soft and shiny. Now, I do not style my daughter's hair unless I have the Growth Serum with me. I decided to start using the Growth Serum myself and I absolutely love how it makes my hair and scalp feel. My scalp is usually dry and itchy, but the Growth Serum completely helped that and it smells great.

San Diego, California


2018-11-19 15_44_02-Window.png

Unrefined Naturals has restored my curls back to their natural, healthy state. I have never had a relaxer, but as long as I can remember I have always worn my hair straight. The years of straightening my hair every couple of weeks took their toll on my precious coils, so when I decided to embrace my curls, they were damaged. After consistently using Unrefined Naturals on my hair, my curls are more vivacious than ever and my heat damage is almost completely gone! Pura vida

Chattanooga, TN



When I think of the name Unrefined Naturals, I think of beauty in its purest state. When I think of the product, I think of long, thick, luscious hair. I’ve been using Unrefined Naturals as a Hot Oil Treatment a little over a month now. When I say I IMMEDIATELY noticed a difference in the texture of my hair, that’s exactly what I mean. My hair was softer and shinier. I’ve known the CEO of Unrefined Naturals for over 10 years and the love and care she has for not only her hair, but everyone else’s is completely genuine. She has put so much time and effort into creating a product that helps her client’s hair to become healthier and more beautiful. Which then results in the client seeing herself as the beautiful woman God created her as. This product will stay on my shelf as long as I have hair! Which will be for a very long time thanks to Unrefined Naturals!​

Phoenix, AZ



Almost a year ago I noticed that I developed a bald spot. YES, A BALD SPOT, in the back portion of my hair. Hugs welcome. LOL. I was sure  that I didn't have a medical condition. The bald spot was probably brought on by normal millennial stress, tying my scarves tight,  tight braids....I don't know. My blood work was normal. I tried so many different products on my hair  to get that area to grow back, AND NOTHING WORKED. UGH! Talk about being frustrated. I knew it was just hair, but it became  very  discouraging when my hair did start to break. Scrolling thru Facebook one day  I noticed Ashley advertising her product, Unrefined Naturals. Now, let me be honest, at that point I was a little bit skeptical trying something new. Well, let me tell y'all, three months into using Unrefined Naturals, leaving my hair alone, and letting the serum do it's work. Guess what?!?! IT WORKED!!! My bald spot is FINALLY starting to grow back, bye bye tiny patch. Hallelujah! I wish I would've taken before and after pictures. If you're experiencing something similar, I recommend you trying out Unrefined Natural Growth Serum. Thank you so much Unrefined Naturals for saving my hair. 




A woman who was ready to chop it all off.

Murfreesboro, TN



I have never had any real difficulty with my hair; nonetheless, I tried "Unrefined Naturals Growth Serum" because I wanted to give my hair a rest and wear it natural. I noticed how  soft and easy to comb the growth serum made my afro. When I decided to wear my hair curly, the growth serum gave my curls an endurance I had never had before. I can go days with having to re-curl my hair; in addition to that, my hair seems to be a little thicker. Finally, I love the smell. I also use the "Edge Renewal" on my hairline in the back where I had my hair shaved. I can't swear it made my hair grow faster, but it is thicker and softer. The best thing about these products is the fact that they contain no chemicals ... they are all natural and can be used often without causing any damage to my hair.

Whittier, CA



My experience with this hair oil has been phenomenal. From the ease of purchase to the actual usage, everything has been great. I love that it doesn’t weigh your hair down nor does it have a strong smell. 

I used this product while wearing braids. When I went back to my stylist after removing my braids she commented on the amount of new growth I had.  She even asked if I had been taking vitamins. The only thing that I had done was use this oil! The price is great for the size bottle you get. This oil goes a long way because not much is needed per use. I will be purchasing more and recommending that my friends do the same.

Murfreesboro, TN



I started using Unrefined Naturals about a year ago and I absolutely love it.  I love the way it makes my hair shine and the way it smells. However; most of all I love how fast it has grown me and my daughters hair. At the beginning of 2015 I had cut my hair to my shoulders and within six months of using Unrefined Naturals my hair was back to its normal length. The same goes for my daughter hair as well. Someone at my daughters day cut one of her ponytail off and I was so devastated and worried about how to grow her hair back in a quickly matter. I then start using Unrefined Naturals on her hair and within a year, you couldn't even tell where her hair had been cut at. I even gotten some of my family members to start using Unrefined Naturals and the love this product as well. I would recommend Unrefined Naturals to anyone. This is an amazing product!!

Chicago, IL



Unrefined Naturals has been a part of my weekly regimen since September 2016. I started using it just to see what Ashley had stumbled upon, and I feel in love with the way my scalp felt and the scent. I don't endorse just any product, but I will definitely endorse and continue to use Unrefined Naturals.

Murfreesboro, TN



I've been using Unrefined Naturals oil for about 16 months. I have noticed the growth tremendously. I have also noticed the softness the oil has placed back into my hair. While using this product, it left my hair feeling soft and not heavy like other oils do. When I don't use Unrefined Naturals Growth Serum, I notice a change in the flow of my hair, so I use it on a daily basis. I use it as a hot oil treatment and also when I have protective styles. I also love to use it when I want an old-fashioned scalp massage. You must try it!

Nashville, TN



Everything smell great! I used the Growth Serum, Leave-in Conditioner and Curl Revitalizer in my kid's hair and it made their hair very soft and moisturized. My daughter's hair was easier to detangle! I love everything about these products!

LaVergne, TN



The Growth Serum is my favorite product as it applies smoothly, aided by its concentration nozzle, and doesn't leave an overly strong smell. I love how the serum protects the ends of my hair as well as how moisturized it leaves my scalp. The edge oil really helps my edges because of the styles I wear. The leave-in is amazing at sealing in the moisture in my hair and preventing that crunchy feeling as most leave-in conditioners do. It also smells amazing. The curl revitalizer allows me to refresh my curls without wetting my entire head. It leaves my curls moist without weighing my hair down and it also smells amazing!

Nashville, TN


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