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The origins of Unrefined Naturals

Unrefined Naturals was born out of mere frustration of not being able to find a hair product to meet the mercurial needs of my hair. After years of dying, frying, and harsh manipulation, my hair refused to retain length, luster, or anything else.  I looked to YouTube and other internet sources to find a solution. In the midst of my search for a better hair day, I lost some confidence. Why? Was my self-concept rooted in my hair?


Not exactly, but it was connected to what society defined as beautiful for a black woman. Long hair, curvaceous body, perfects skin completion, etc. I had succumbed to the pressures of what television and magazines were trying to communicate to me…that I was not good enough in my own skin.


Well a year and a lot of research later, I created the perfect combination of essential oils, vitamins, and hair magic that promoted growth, thickness, luster, softness, and moisture. It also fights frizz, aids in soothing various scalp conditions, and nourishes the hair follicles while also being 100% organic.  This product seemed miraculous to me. My hair went from a damaged shoulder length to grazing my waist in the healthiest state it’s ever been in.


Throughout the process of getting my hair healthy again, I realized there was something else needing attention. My self-image was sick. It was a long journey, but I was able to detach from my society-focused confidence and turn it into a God-centered perception of myself, and I’ve never been happier.


Unrefined Naturals led me on a journey to discover who I really was in Christ! It represents the beauty of being unapologetically you in a society that pressures you to be someone else. It stands for the freedom of being unchanged and unrefined in a place that pushes conformity. I want users of my hair products to be unrefined, natural, and unashamed in who they are! Be perfectly you!


Founder of Unrefined Naturals

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